Introducing Brokers

We specialize in helping businesses and individuals from all over the world expand and grow their Forex businesses.

Generate a client portfolio and increase it over time, New Win FX will pay you a rebate based on the total round turn lots traded in the previous month.

Refer more clients, increase your client portfolio which will increase your monthly volume and you will enjoy a greater monthly rebate.

IB Partner

Introducing Broker Partner

IB Partner (Introducing Broker Partner)
Offering a special commission rate & level to any Introducing Partners (IB) in various of IB Multi-Level:

  1. General IB
  2. Institute IB
  3. Signal Provider IB
  4. PAMM IB
  5. Copy Trade IB.

Join us now with any IB partners, get paid everyday commission (Mon-Fri) with special Support Channel.

Get paid everyday

Get paid everyday commission (Mon-Fri) & Gain more IB Commission as a Multi-level up from lot trade and amount of clients

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Sufficient analyzed

Sufficient analyzed report toward your IBs business such as trading volume and commission report

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Offering both Single or Multi

Offering both Single or Multi- level commission as you prefer

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Live chat

Live chat support with individual manager

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